How Traditional Banks Can Form Digital Customer Experiences that Matter

The continued growth of digital-only banks and higher customer expectations has put pressure on traditional banks to change their approaches to customer service to remain competitive and relevant.

One way to augment your bank's customer experience strategy is to formalize a digital customer experience program with measurable goals. This program can provide a framework for identifying improvement opportunities and executing new technology and processes to address them.

Here are three essential components of a successful digital customer experience program:

1. Personalization

A personalized approach to the customer experience should include both data-based targeted communication and person-to-person interactions.

Incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics tools that offer deep insight into your customers’ preferences and behavior. This will allow you to better predict their needs, respond quicker, and increase customer satisfaction. 

Additionally, your support team should have a thorough understanding of your customers’ specific goals, needs, and wants, as this is banking customers’ preferred method of personalization. This data should also be tracked in your CRM or data warehouse, so you can tailor your customer interactions accordingly.

2. Cross-Channel Consistency

Test CTAWhile digital and mobile banking is considered table stakes in the financial industry, research shows customers still want access to physical branches. The key to enhancing the customer experience in both settings is to ensure cross channel consistency. Customers should get the same impression of your bank when they complete tasks online as they do when they interact with your branch staff.

Merging physical and digital customer experiences requires robust system integration. When systems are integrated, customers can access the same information from your mobile app, at a self-self-service kiosk, or from a branch employee.

3. Usability

Your digital customer experience program should be rooted in human behavior and preferences, so you can maximize its efficacy across your customer base. Usability is essential; customers should be able to easily navigate any of your digital platforms to find the services they need.  

Start by conducting user research to determine what your customers expect from mobile and online banking, and what they want in an ideal solution. Consider distributing annual or quarterly customer surveys to gather data that can drive your program. Additionally, it’s important to focus on simplicity. Design for the least tech-savvy population, and you’ll ensure no one is excluded from your offering.

Partner with 360 View

A successful digital customer experience program depends on the technology framework you implement. That’s why 360 View designed our growth platform to be the launching point for all customer experience activity. We want to help you deliver a program that exceeds your customers’ expectations and positions you for long-term success.

To learn more, download our complete guide on creating a digital customer experience program. 

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