What Exactly Is a Growth Platform? Keys to Financial Marketing Success

As more banks and credit unions have changed their approaches to customer acquisition from in-person relationship building to digital engagement, they need advanced back-end technology to support this transition.

That’s why 360 View offers so much more than a customer relationship management tool; our growth platform is designed specifically with your needs in mind to help maximize your team’s overall performance.

So, what exactly does this look like? Let’s dive deeper into how each module in the platform works together not only to support your marketing initiatives, but to drive real business growth.

Pursue Growth at Every Step

The 360 View platform includes five modules that work in tandem to provide a comprehensive solution. Here’s how each module can power growth for your organization.

CRM: Growth Starts with Relationships

In order to grow your customer base and strengthen existing relationships, you need to truly know your customers and prospects. You need a central location where you can see a full 360-degree view of your customer—all of their accounts, relationships, touchpoints, service requests, and more. Thats what our CRM is for. It provides the necessary framework for maintaining all customer data and tracking all interactions.

We designed our CRM to make it easy to access critical information about your customers that can be used for growth opportunities. The tool includes a customizable dashboard with access to everything you need to know about your assigned tasks, any open referrals, your current pipelines, active marketing campaigns, and service requests. Our CRM allows you to easily see the important information first so you can understand and meet your customers specific needs.

Marketing Automation: Scalability Is Essential

With marketing automation, you can execute on the foundation established with your CRM. This module allows you to build customer lists based on specific criteria and send targeted marketing messages and product offers to specific customer groups with ease. You just need to set up your campaign workflows once, and the tool automatically handles content distribution and follow-up for you.
By employing automation, you are free to spend your time on more mission-critical tasks, rather than manually managing repeated marketing communications activity. You’ll be able to reach a larger audience and increase cross-selling through targeted, timely campaigns—all leading to business growth.

Analytics: Go after High Potential Deals

Test CTAOur analytics module is powered by true intelligence that helps you further segment customers and prospects based on personal and wealth demographics. You’ll have deeper insight into who your audience really is, and will be well-positioned to prioritize sales efforts around higher potential deals.

By focusing on these deals, you can increase revenue and cultivate long-term relationships with profitable customers. This module allows you to use real data to guide strategic decisions that not only benefit your marketing approach, but drive business overall.

Profitability: Get a Full Customer View

The profitability module works alongside the analytics module, highlighting not only customers with high wealth potential, but also those that are most profitable for your business. It provides insight into the full customer relationship, including the value of all accounts held—both business and personal.

When you have a complete understanding of customer profitability, you can design marketing campaigns that support customer retention programs, as well as incentive programs for the least profitable relationships. With a profitability mindset, your marketing team can move from tactical execution toward real business contribution.

Goals & Incentives: Motivation Spurs Growth

Your sales and account management team members have the power to drive growth through their pursuit of prospects and ongoing interactions with customers. That’s why an employee goals and incentive plan can make a real difference in customer acquisition and retention.

Our goals and incentives module automatically tracks employee goals in real time so employees and their supervisors have up-to-date access to goal progress. When all team members understand both organizational and individual goals and are incentivized to meet them, motivation and morale increases. This then leads to stronger sales efforts and deeper customer relationships.

Ready to Grow Your Bank’s Marketing Efforts?

360 View is made up of a team of former bankers who understand the importance of robust technology to drive real growth at financial institutions. We’d love to tell you more about how our growth platform can work for your business. Request a demo with our team, or download our white paper “5 Reasons CRM Should Be in Your Strategic Plan” to learn more.

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