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Introducing the New & Improved CRM 101 [White Paper]

CRM is gaining greater priority for decision makers at financial institutions. Research shows that financial institutions will place an increased emphasis on using technology for better customer service in 2016, with 48% of banks and 67% of credit unions listing it as a top priority.

For many, this will mean evaluating and replacing critical systems: 25% of those surveyed intend to implement a new CRM system (or replace an older one) in 2016. This prioritization reflects CEOs’ growing understanding of the limitations that older technologies are putting on their businesses.

If you have been on the sidelines thinking CRM is a passing phase, then think again. CRM is here to stay and your competitors are adopting it at a great rate of speed. Through this white paper, you will learn how and why to implement a CRM, along with answers to these common questions:

  • What exactly is CRM?
  • Why should we care about CRM?
  • How do we evaluate CRM solutions?

This new and improved guide specifically written for banks and credit unions outlines the basic tenets of what makes for a good CRM and how this technology can complement your organization’s growth and service strategies, including 8 Signs That You Need CRM within your organization. Get your copy today. 

 Download our Free White Paper: CRM 101 for Banks & Credit Unions

360 view crm 101 white paper