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9 Signs Your Bank Needs a CRM

We recently published an article, CRM 101 For Banks and Credit Unions, that discusses what CRM is, why you should care about it, and five tips that will help you choose the best CRM system for you. The article should be helpful to any bank or credit union currently using CRM or that is just now looking to license CRM for the first time.

In addition, the article identifies 9 signs that you need a CRM. We have included the signs here in our blog. If you are new to CRM, read through the signs and see how many relate to you. And if you are already using a CRM, read through them too, they will provide insight into whether or not your current CRM is meeting your needs or if it is time that you consider changing to another CRM, one that is better aligned with your current work and service processes.

9 Signs Your Bank Needs a CRM
Read through these 9 signs and note how many are true for your organization.

  1. You use multiple communication, information, and reporting tools (e.g. Core account system, Excel, email, instant messenger, or desks littered with post-it notes).
  2. You have limited or no visibility of sales, marketing, and service efforts across departments.
  3. Your reporting is siloed or painful.
  4. You have work processes that would benefit from automation and process consistency.
  5. It is difficult to access customer information, work processes, and service tools when you are on-the-go.
  6. You want to deliver actionable service and sales messaging directly to your frontline employees during that moment of opportunity when they are interacting with your customer.
  7. You struggle with coaching employee sales performance.
  8. You manually track your employee goal and incentive plans.
  9. You feel your work processes will not easily scale as you grow.

If only one of these signs is true for you, then you may not need a CRM or your current CRM is a good fit. If you relate to 2-5 of these signs, then you will most likely benefit from CRM or looking at other CRM options. If your organization has 6-9 signs, you NEED CRM, or a NEW CRM soon!

Download CRM 101 for Banks and Credit Unions to view the entire article.

Bonus Download — We've included our best practice CRM Implementation Checklist to help you organize your implementation process.