Data That Takes the Selling Out of Sales

No one likes to be “sold.” Your current and prospective customers can identify a one-size-fits-all selling methodology from miles away, and it immediately creates distance and distrust. Treating every customer the same, regardless of the customer lifecycle or their individual needs, is a guaranteed way to limit potential revenue and profitability. If you want to be effective, you need a more segmented, targeted, and personalized approach to sales.

Growing your business is not about selling – it’s about establishing rapport, creating value, and becoming a trusted parter. Your customers don’t want to feel like just another account to you. They want you to demonstrate that you understand their problems and specific needs and that you want to help solve them. Stop “selling” and start adding value, solving problems, and creating opportunities. When you do that, you will create revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and drive brand equity.

Selling is exponentially easier when your product or service fulfills a need for the customer in some way. As such, the ability to pinpoint the value of a product or service for one’s customer has never been more important. To effectively persuade customers, financial institutions must have an accurate understanding of what its customers value. This process starts with identifying your ideal customer and making a list of all of the benefits that they will gain by using your product or service. 

One way to do this is by leveraging the latest in CRM technology. With 360 View CRM's SmartPops™ feature, pop-up messages can be triggered through your external systems and integrate with your regular workflow. These messages show up on the screens of your frontline staff (right when they are servicing the customer) with information about that individual's needs and any possible opportunities. 

SmartPops™ will allow you to prompt employees with customer-specific sales and service messages at your frontline, call center, or during any customer interaction. With real-time access to offerings that the data indicates will be the most pertinent to your customers, you are no longer just “selling” — you are answering a customer’s real need. This kind of technology has the potential to give your sales team everything they need to prospect, manage contacts, record activities and ultimately close more business opportunities.

With CRM, you can enable your sales force to become true professionals who are focused on helping their customers, rather than just on closing the deal. Detailed reports from SmartPops can serve as an excellent sales coaching tool. You can use the data from these interactions to track results, identify necessary training and reward employees’ accomplishments. 360 View CRM gives you the tools to transform your sales process into one that puts the customer’s needs first. In doing so, you will set yourself apart from the competition and generate more revenue with greater velocity.

By tailoring your communications to each customer using data-driven insights, you can make every interaction feel less like sales and more like service. In doing so, you won’t just grow revenue; you build brand equity and become a long-term trusted advisor. As Mike Myatt put it in this Forbes article, “When you start paying more attention to your customer needs than your revenue needs, you’ll find you no longer have a revenue problem to complain about.”