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How One Bank Increased Customer Satisfaction by 41%

 Androscoggin Bank

Quality customer service is what separates bad businesses from good businesses and good businesses from great businesses in any industry. Recognizing this, Androscoggin Bank operates on an integrity model that puts client satisfaction above everything else.

This approach worked well for a long time, as the bank built a reputation for delivering community-focused service. But, in 2016, Androscoggin found it was not living up to its reputation and engaged 360 View to provide a solution.

Client Satisfaction Survey Spurs Action

To get a pulse on its customers’ experience with the bank, Androscoggin surveyed the top 20% of its customer base, asking if they had ever experienced support issues, and if those issues were resolved quickly. The results highlighted several areas of concern:

  • 53% of clients had an issue that was never resolved.
  • Only 33% of those who had an issue that was resolved said the resolution was prompt.
  • Only 46% were satisfied with the resolution.

Following the survey, Androscoggin decided to make changes across its customer support department, including implementing 360 View’s growth platform.

Challenge #1: Getting Everyone On Board

Because of its integrity model, Androscoggin’s employees were concerned a CRM would shift their motivation from quality service to sales quotas. Therefore, bank leadership decided to implement 360 View in a phased approach — starting with the Incidents module. This would allow the bank to focus first on improving customer service ticket resolution and then slowly roll out the rest of the CRM features.

Challenge #2: Improving Customer Service Visibility

In order to better understand trends around service tickets and resolution, Androscoggin needed a comprehensive report of all customer support activity. The 360 View Incidents module provided this through a dashboard that displayed ticket volume, average close time, and outstanding items.

This increased visibility shed light on issues with the bank’s customer service workflows, as  customers were not always being notified when service issues were resolved. In response to this data, Androscoggin updated its process to include additional steps for communicating with customers and documenting resolution.

The Results

One year following its 360 View implementation, the bank surveyed its most profitable customers again, and the results were outstanding:

  • Only 12% of customers reported they had an issue that was never resolved, down from 53% the year before.
  • 53% of customers reported they received a prompt response for their issues.
  • 54% were satisfied with the resolution.

“We have achieved incredible results with 360 View, and the CRM has completely changed the way we handle support issue resolution and customer communication,” said Genevieve Hering, AVP & Business Intelligence Analyst at Androscoggin.

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