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National Sale Representative and Relationship Builder at 360 View CRM. You can find me sharing best practice expertise on CRM and demonstrating our awesome system to banks and credit unions all over the USA. When not on the phone or traveling to a prospect, I can be found hanging out with the “Fam”.
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Why a CRM Makes Sense in 2018


When it comes to keeping track of current and potential customers, many banks and credit unions have yet to consider a CRM solution. That runs counter to the predicted trajectory of the industry. A PWC report reveals that while 61 percent of bankers consider a customer-centric business model to be very important, less than 20 percent are very prepared for it. Bankers must proactively seek out new tools to build the industry’s more customer-focused business model.

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Topics: CRM, Customer Experience 360 View Thu Sep 07 19:51:20 2017

Make It Personal: Growing Your Bank Through Customer Relationships


In today’s financial market, growth is your top priority — and your biggest challenge. Often a company’s first instinct is to build more products or offer more services that can generate revenue. However, if those efforts are not born out of serving a real customer need, they will be in vain.

Your customers are searching for financial institutions that don’t just satisfy their product and service needs, but prove that they truly understand them, their personal motivations and needs.  In other words, your customers want to feel known. If you are a community bank or credit union, that is probably one of the major reasons they chose to open an account with you (as opposed to a larger bank) in the first place.

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Topics: Sales & Marketing, CRM, Customer Experience 360 View Thu Dec 15 18:22:45 2016

Why Your Customers Want You to Have a Strategy


When it comes to your customers, “strategy” can sometimes be misconstrued as a negative or deceptive approach, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Having a strategy in place isn’t about convincing customers they need something they don’t; it’s about equipping your organization to meet customer’s real needs with the right service at the right time.

Research has shown that companies who skillfully manage and execute customer experience strategies reap enormous rewards. They achieve higher customer satisfaction, reduced churn, increased revenue, and more.

Maximizing revenue and creating a loyal customer base revolves around strong customer engagement. But you can’t just expect customer satisfaction; you have to proactively plan for it. You need a game plan in place for helping serve customers better — and they would agree.

Here’s why.

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Topics: Sales & Marketing, CRM, Customer Experience 360 View Tue Oct 11 19:30:51 2016

A Scalable Strategy for Treating Customers Like Family


Does your bank’s value proposition sound something like this? “We have great relationships with our customers. We treat them like family: We know their names, their kids’ names and their birthdays.”

If so, congratulations — that’s no small feat! You’re likely building loyal customers and brand advocates that will help you grow your business and maximize your bottom line. But what happens when you expand past the point of being able to know every single one of your customers?

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Topics: Profitability, Sales & Marketing, Customer Experience 360 View Mon Nov 28 22:50:47 2016

Leverage a Comprehensive View of Your Customer for Improved Profitability


If you’re like most financial institutions, visibility into your customer’s profitability is limited. Core data alone just doesn’t show you the full picture. As a result, you likely don’t have the right information to assign costs to their accounts and come up with a specific net profit for that relationship to get a full view of your customer. In this post, we’re offering some ideas for tapping into the data to see your customer.

See the True Value of the Relationship

Years ago, customer profitability was based on industry standards but now, with the latest technology, you have access to the data to make this bank-specific and tailor those benchmarks to your institution. By bringing in information on costs, fees, and rates from your core system — along with the ability to create soft costs parameters such as overhead, data processing, and loan loss provision — you are able to gain unprecedented insight into your customer’s profitability.

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