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4 Ways to Transform Your Financial Marketing Strategy


As consumers learn to expect on-demand, personalized service in every interaction, marketing teams at financial institutions cannot assume they are exempt. Consumers expect their financial institution to provide the right information at the right time throughout their purchase journey. Improving your marketing communication is essential to increasing your marketing effectiveness, building customer trust and, ultimately, growing your business. Here are the top tactics for transforming the way your financial institution approaches marketing.

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7 Essential Components to an Effective Onboarding Program

7 components of onboarding

The onboarding experience provides the first impression of a financial institution’s level of service — an impression that will persist throughout the entire customer’s lifecycle and set the stage for future growth. That is why an effective onboarding program is essential to retaining and growing relationships with your customers. In case you missed our most recent webinar, "The Art of Onboarding New Banking Customers" [watch now], here are the 7 essential components of an onboarding program:

1. Define Onboarding Scope

The first step to building a successful onboarding program is developing an onboarding and cross-selling communications framework that can achieve your institution’s growth goals. Establish goals for your onboarding program and ask key questions such as: How will you reach the customer? Who is your target customer group? These answers are essential for gaining a clear understanding of the scope of your onboarding program.

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The Right Data to Grow Your Business


How do you focus limited resources on those opportunities that will drive profitable growth in a competitive marketplace? How do you identify those opportunities within your customer base and within your market?

In today’s highly competitive financial marketplace, you need a competitive edge built on strong analytics, sound strategies, and well-executed tactics. Analytics becomes “actionlytics” when the right data is integrated with your marketing and sales strategy effectively to achieve desired results.

Let’s explore the top three elements that are key to equipping your team with the actionable data they need to grow your business.

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Improve Customer Retention & Satisfaction Through Effective Onboarding


Attracting new customers is the top priority for most banks and credit unions. Getting their attention, proving your value, targeting marketing messages toward them, and ultimately securing the account can be a long-term play. But once you’ve landed a new customer, the journey often comes to a screeching halt, which can be disorienting for your new customers — and, in the long run, bad for your bottom line.

Research shows that 80% of financial institutions are still not satisfied with their onboarding program. Despite having the closest relationships with the clients they serve, community banks reported being the least satisfied with their onboarding efforts. Sound familiar?

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