High Interest Rates Signal a Change in Marketing Strategy

Posted by David Acevedo


When the Federal Reserve recently raised the federal funds rate, and set off a rise in short-term interest rates, it signaled that more increases were on the way. While the impact may be felt differently by an individual bank or credit union, there’s no doubt that financial institutions must prepare for the “new normal” of rising interest rates — especially when it comes to marketing.

A Challenge for Some, an Opportunity for Others

Seeking to temper signs of inflation in the economy, the Fed recently raised the federal funds rate from 1.5 to 1.75 percent. That immediately triggered an increase in the prime rate, which, according to Investopedia, “represents the credit rate that banks extend to their most credit worthy customers.” Borrowing costs for all other consumer credit is pegged against this number.

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The Technology Trends Credit Unions Should be Watching

Posted by Joyce Colin


Credit unions face an array of challenges when it comes to keeping up with the latest technology trends. From growing member relationships with the latest online and mobile solutions, to keeping those same members protected from cyber attacks, credit unions have a lot of technology balls in the air.

Here’s the top five technology trends that have an almost-daily impact on credit unions.

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Bank Branding Dos & Don'ts

Posted by Rebecca Key


Remember how disruptive the first automated teller machines were for banks? Neither do we. Whether we recall it or not, the arrival of ATMs did set off a kind of brand disruption for financial institutions, and point toward a list of branding dos and don’ts that remain relevant today.

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10.5 Steps to Power Up Sales with LinkedIn

Posted by David Acevedo


Too many bankers neglect LinkedIn. Compared to other top sales professionals, who log on for about 120 minutes daily, the average banker is on LinkedIn just 17 minutes per month. According to Jack Hubbard, Chief Experience Officer at St. Meyer & Hubbard, that has to change.

LinkedIn started in 2003 as a recruitment tool, but today it’s much more than that. True, it might be where you land your next job — but it’s also where the sales process begins. With 467 million LinkedIn users worldwide, it's no wonder most marketers view LinkedIn as an effective source for generating leads.

Getting started can seem overwhelming, but luckily, Jack Hubbard has broken it down to 10.5 simple steps:

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How to Get Executive Buy-In for a Technology Solution

Posted by Joyce Colin


Replacing or implementing a technology solution can be a game changer for financial institutions. In many cases, the initial investment in a platform is dwarfed by the gains in productivity, effectiveness, and profitability. But to get there you’ll need budget, resources, and support — which means you’ll need the executive team on your side.

Research shows that one of the top reasons that software implementations fail is due to a lack of executive buy-in. That's because all major organizational changes have to happen from the top down. In this blog, find out how to convince leadership that a new technology solution is worth the investment. Here are a few ways to win executive support:

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