4 Ways a FinTech Solution Can Grow Revenue

Posted by David Acevedo on Jul 28, 2017 12:21:09 PM


The financial industry continues to evolve as modern customers are forgoing in-branch interactions in favor of digitally-driven, tech-based banking options. This shift in behavior has left many banks scrambling to find new ways to generate profit and increase revenue.

Leveraging the power of a FinTech solution is an innovative way to combat the challenge of large online banks by improving customer experience and using data to point you toward where your institution is leaving revenue on the table. An integrated FinTech solution can impact sales, marketing, and service efforts, and ultimately, revenue. Here are four ways that a FinTech solution can help drive growth within your organization:

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7 Essential Components to an Effective Onboarding Program

Posted by Elyse Richmann on Apr 26, 2017 3:03:00 PM

7 components of onboarding

The onboarding experience provides the first impression of a financial institution’s level of service — an impression that will persist throughout the entire customer’s lifecycle and set the stage for future growth. That is why an effective onboarding program is essential to retaining and growing relationships with your customers. In case you missed our most recent webinar, "The Art of Onboarding New Banking Customers" [watch now], here are the 7 essential components of an onboarding program:

1. Define Onboarding Scope

The first step to building a successful onboarding program is developing an onboarding and cross-selling communications framework that can achieve your institution’s growth goals. Establish goals for your onboarding program and ask key questions such as: How will you reach the customer? Who is your target customer group? These answers are essential for gaining a clear understanding of the scope of your onboarding program.

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The Right Data to Grow Your Business

Posted by Elyse Richmann on Mar 28, 2017 2:07:28 PM


How do you focus limited resources on those opportunities that will drive profitable growth in a competitive marketplace? How do you identify those opportunities within your customer base and within your market?

In today’s highly competitive financial marketplace, you need a competitive edge built on strong analytics, sound strategies, and well-executed tactics. Analytics becomes “actionlytics” when the right data is integrated with your marketing and sales strategy effectively to achieve desired results.

Let’s explore the top three elements that are key to equipping your team with the actionable data they need to grow your business.

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All Talk, No Action? How to Use CRM to Get Things Done

Posted by Joyce Colin on Feb 28, 2017 2:28:00 PM


Banks need something different to empower growth.

Existing tools are inadequate and disjointed: bankers might be using the core banking system along with spreadsheets, emails, appointment books, or sticky notes — but those aren’t shared across the organization, so knowledge becomes siloed. As a result, the customer isn’t serviced appropriately, sales efforts are crippled, and growth is stifled. 

Financial institutions need to unify systems to provide easy access to knowledge across every department, make bankers more efficient, improve sales and marketing, enhance customer service, and provide tools that allow everyone in the organization to get things done — which is the key to meaningful growth.

Here’s how banks and credit unions can position themselves for growth:

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One Size Does Not Fit All: Why Banks Need Their Own Solution

Posted by Kevin Anderson on Feb 2, 2017 10:17:00 AM


About a year after we founded 360 View, one of our existing clients — a small community bank — asked us to help them find a good CRM solution. We would soon discover that finding a CRM that met all the needs of a financial institution was surprisingly difficult.

As we searched for an answer, we kept running into the same problem: all the options we found had been developed for businesses, not banks or credit unions, and the prices were not affordable to the average community financial institution.

With more research and development, we realized there was a hole in the market: banks weren’t able to use just any CRM. They needed one to meet the specific needs of financial institutions so they could have a truly comprehensive view into their customer relationships.

So we decided to build one.

Here are some of the reasons why it became clear to us that financial institutions need their own solution (and how we answered those in our own product development process).

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