Marketing Automation: Onboarding Made Simple

Posted by Joyce Colin
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Onboarding matters.

It’s the first interaction that a person has with you after the close, once they have officially become a customer, so it’s an important time for setting expectations and communicating your values as well as setting the stage for how you will nurture their relationship.

Today, if you can’t quickly create a list of your new customers and assign those customers to a personalized email campaign, you will be at a disadvantage and may just miss out on one of the biggest opportunities presented to financial institutions.

However, creating effective customer onboarding programs can be tricky. Many banks find themselves hindered by slow, cumbersome manual processes that make it nearly impossible to mine customer data, generate lists, and execute ongoing campaigns.

Check out these tips for creating an onboarding campaign that builds trust, encourages loyalty, and creates lifelong customer relationships.


1. See all the pieces of the puzzle

Think of the data like a puzzle. Some of the pieces — like your core banking data and information from ancillary systems — are already at your fingertips but others — like third-party data or information that is siloed in other departments — require you to search for them so that you can see the full picture. By organizing your customer data within a CRM system, you can see all the pieces at once: information from across your institution, third-party data, and the robust profile information contained within your CRM. Taken together, all of these resources will give you the wealth of actionable data necessary to drive effective onboarding and nurture campaigns.

2. Scale your efforts with automated campaigns

Effective onboarding starts with automation. Once a new customer is in the system, they expect consistent communication that offers them the information they’re looking for right when they are looking for it. Within a CRM, you can automatically trigger a suite of customized messages that thank them for their business, offer them valuable content, and continue to nurture your relationship with them. For example, you can create a new campaign that includes a “customer touch” (email or personal letter) to new customers that emphasizes your appreciation of them while promoting other services that will meet their needs.

3. Build and grow lasting relationships

Automation also plays a huge role in scaling relationship-building activities. In any financial institution, but especially for community banks, your biggest value-add is in the personal relationships you form with customers. They like being known. Thoughtful onboarding promotes customer retention, nurtures relationships, and grows customers by allowing you to promote the right services to the right people at the right time.

Once you’ve gotten in the groove of automating your onboarding campaigns, you can begin to track your results, cross-sell relevant services, and much more! With a CRM that caters specifically for banks and credit unions, you are able to better cater to your customer’s needs and demonstrate your readiness to serve them from the very start.

Find out more about how you can use the latest technology to provide your customers with the personalized service they expect.



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