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Director of Sales at 360 View CRM. Helping banks and credit unions see the value of implementing CRM to build profitable, long-term client relationships. Specialize in developing meaningful employee incentive plans that drive performance and results. Offline, you can find me at the Jersey Shore or on the golf course, which also includes the “19th Hole.”
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10.5 Steps to Power Up Sales with LinkedIn

Posted by David Acevedo


Too many bankers neglect LinkedIn. Compared to other top sales professionals, who log on for about 120 minutes daily, the average banker is on LinkedIn just 17 minutes per month. According to Jack Hubbard, Chief Experience Officer at St. Meyer & Hubbard, that has to change.

LinkedIn started in 2003 as a recruitment tool, but today it’s much more than that. True, it might be where you land your next job — but it’s also where the sales process begins. With 467 million LinkedIn users worldwide, it's no wonder most marketers view LinkedIn as an effective source for generating leads.

Getting started can seem overwhelming, but luckily, Jack Hubbard has broken it down to 10.5 simple steps:

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3 Ways to Attract and Retain Top Millennial Talent

Posted by David Acevedo


By 2025, Millennials will account for 75% of the global workforce. And, at some companies, like Accenture and Ernst & Young, they already account for 2/3 of the entire employee base. Is your financial institution a place where Millennials want to work?

Strong company culture is essential to attracting and retaining Millennial employees — especially in sales positions, where turnover is high and burnout happens all too regularly. A supportive and engaging work culture, empowered by an effective goals and incentive plan, should form the foundation of a sustainable, growth-driven sales strategy.

Here are the top three ways you can build a company culture that will attract and retain Millennial talent at your financial institution.

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4 Ways a FinTech Solution Can Grow Revenue

Posted by David Acevedo


The financial industry continues to evolve as modern customers are forgoing in-branch interactions in favor of digitally-driven, tech-based banking options. This shift in behavior has left many banks scrambling to find new ways to generate profit and increase revenue.

Leveraging the power of a FinTech solution is an innovative way to combat the challenge of large online banks by improving customer experience and using data to point you toward where your institution is leaving revenue on the table. An integrated FinTech solution can impact sales, marketing, and service efforts, and ultimately, revenue. Here are four ways that a FinTech solution can help drive growth within your organization:

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Marketing to Millennials: Steering a Generation’s Financial Future

Posted by David Acevedo


A shift in wealth is happening. 75% of the global workforce will be Millennials by 2025. They will have 3.39 trillion in spending power by 2018 according to the Federal Reserve. Marketing to Millennials is no longer a trend. It’s a must.

However, many financial institutions don’t fully understand what is at stake when you apply the same messaging and tone that you’re currently applying to Gen X and Baby Boomers to Millennials. Millennials are a distinct audience and they require customized, targeted marketing tactics and customer service.

At The Financial Brand Forum 2017 conference, Oregon Community Credit Union’s Deborah Mersino  shared how her organization has combined research, digital channels, a unique brand tone and imagery into an overall strategy that spiked Millennial growth by 11%. It all started with building a marketing campaign specifically targeted at that demographic.

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4 New Ways Technology Will Impact Banking in 2017

Posted by David Acevedo


In 2017, research indicates that technology will become an even higher priority for banks and credit unions across the country. Here are some of our top predictions for how technology will affect the banking industry over the next 12 months — and how you can  position your organization for success this year.

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